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Install the kak-lsp client for the Kakoune editor.



kak-lsp works only with UTF-8 documents.

Position.character interpretation

Currently, kak-lsp doesn't conform to the spec regarding the interpretation of Position.character. LSP spec says that

A position inside a document (see Position definition below) is expressed as a zero-based line and character offset. The offsets are based on a UTF-16 string representation. So for a string of the form a𐐀b the character offset of the character a is 0, the character offset of 𐐀 is 1 and the character offset of b is 3 since 𐐀 is represented using two code units in UTF-16.

However, kak-lsp treats Position.character as an offset in UTF-8 code points by default. Fortunately, it appears to produce the same result within the Basic Multilingual Plane (BMP) which includes a lot of characters.

Unfortunately, many language servers violate the spec as well, and in an inconsistent manner. Please refer for more information. There are two main types of violations we met in the wild:

1) Using UTF-8 code points, just like kak-lsp does. Those should work well with kak-lsp for characters outside BMP out of the box.

2) Using UTF-8 code units (bytes), just like Kakoune does. Those are supported by kak-lsp but require adding offset_encoding = "utf-8" to the language server configuration in kak-lsp.toml.